Blog Post created by Bonnie on Dec 19, 2019

711 Days for me smokefree...but that means no more 7-Eleven stores for me and that's perfectly OK.  I don't need to "stop by", "swing by" "drop by" or "drop in" a convenience store to get my nicotine fix.  So freeing it is, to no longer need to make that extra stop on the way home, on the way to drive that commute, on the way to Christmas dinner, on the way to anywhere!


Newbies, stay the course, it's hard to believe but when I "feel" like I want a smoke these days (and yes, that still does happen, around this time of year especially)  I just shake my head and might even laugh out loud.  It ain't gonna happen, no way, tease me all you want, you NicoDEMON, I'm NEVER gonna jump back on that slippery slide called SMOKING CIGARETTES...ugh!   


Life may be hard, and maybe it just gets harder in a lot of ways, but one thing about living for an exsmoker just gets easier and that's to stay smokefree.


Telling the truth,

Bonnie ~711 DOF