This week was supposed to be better! NOT!!!!

Blog Post created by Bonnie on Sep 7, 2019

So, this past week at work included a bomb threat with an arrest, a shoplifter I tried to "catch" (first and last time I do that!), a mentally-challenged woman who said she felt dizzy (low blood sugar)--but what a swirl with training paramedics from the university being really immature about her condition & the security guard on his little unicycle hovering over the scene--and a woman customer yelling at me at the top of her lungs as she left the store shaking her book at me (first time for that, too). I "called off" yesterday...just not worth it....FIFTEEN MORE DAYS (they don't know officially yet that I'm leaving, but I'm sure the handwriting is on the wall).


Got some errands done yesterday and treated myself to a delicious burger & fries lunch my daughter recommended.  I rarely eat like that, but the food was fresh and good and I ate every bite.  Came home and putzed around the house and checked my email in the late afternoon. Results back from fecal test I completed last week (you oldtimers know the routine).  Was so proud of myself not to procrastinate this time like I usually do.  Anyway, the results came back POSITIVE.  I just stared at the page...OH, S****!  Literally!!!!  And my doctor--who I've only seen once and was not impressed--is getting out of outpatient work and is handing me off to another doc on the 12th (got a letter in the mail) and I can't even look her up to see if I want her as my new doc, and when I sent an email to my current doc to see what the next step is, I got an out of office reply that he won't be back til the 10th.  Well, I have to admit, by now I'm freaking out.  And OF COURSE, it's 4:15 on a Friday afternoon. I am WAY overdue for a colonoscopy (like 15 years...long story...partly my fault, partly not) and my aunt died of colon cancer.  Called the "advice nurse" line and got put on hold ("the nurse that will take this call is leaving in 15 minutes") for so long that I hung up and called again, after plugging in my phone that is not taking a charge these days (need a new one--will order that today).  So...I'm standing in the bathroom (and yes, my back definitely hurts again by now) with my phone plugged in because I can't bend over to plug it in anywhere where I can sit or lay down, and I'm having a meltdown with the young man who answers the phone the second time (at least he is a native English speaker).  He has to ask me unrelated questions like have I been to the Congo lately...blah, blah, blah.  Bottom line, I've got a phone appt. with yet another doc on 7:30 Monday morning.  So, yes, I can still go to work on Monday!


After I calmed down and did a little research online and thought about things (not just panic), I realized I had been taking a LOT of Naproxen (prescription strength ibuprofen) for my back and have been having signs of intestinal discomfort, etc.  Also eating a lot of cheese and drinking milk even though I think I'm lactose semi-intolerant now.  I really dislike not being able to eat whatever I want like I used to.  THE GOOD OLD DAYS.  And being a Taurus, yes, a bit stubborn , I just continue to eat what I want in moderation and since the symptoms aren't that bad I just ignore them.  But I think my gut is telling me to NOT BE IN DENIAL.  SOMETHING I'M SOOOOO GOOD AT (like with the CIGS).


So...if you believe in a Higher Power, please pray for me.  I've been blessed with excellent health and am not used to this, plus the bureaucracy that is KAISER and the medical profession (I've had my share of awful medical practice, including my daughter and I almost dying when I gave birth to her).  I know it's just a test and the blood could be from my intestinal tract/stomach, not polyps (they removed some 15 years ago), but I'm still concerned.  I did let my daughters know (via text, of course) and they both were supportive, which made me feel better.  I'm not telling anyone else but you guys right now.  Thanks for "listening".


Didn't even think of smoking.  And the dairy, wine and coffee are off the list, too, now (sigh...) And I have someone to take me to the colonoscopy and stay there as they have to now (the main reason I didn't get one the last year).  So I'm good back hurts a little so I didn't go detail my car like I wanted to and I'm not doing all the housework I usually do on Saturdays, but no more ibuprofen for me...just a heating pad and a cup of tea with honey...sigh again...Sometimes this getting older deal isn't so much fun.




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