It's my Friday

Blog Post created by Bonnie on Apr 11, 2019

and it's been a strange and wonderful week...According to social media today there was going to be an "active shooter" at the mall today where I worked...not into social media but my coworkers informed me...very slow customer-wise for our store, but that turned out to be a good thing...I sold more memberships than I ever had in the past year (told my boss that my "demographics" aren't involved in social media so they came in and bought a membership...LOL!!!! 

My daughter's teacher union had a strike day today and she went to the rally...long story but am so proud of her...she came home safe, as did I.,

Joining my church on Easter Sunday. Have never been a "joiner" (did 12-step for awhile) but this church has been so embracing..just like EX has been...a year for both? Interesting...always felt like an outsider, but have to say, the last year has been AMAZING...because I FINALLY quit smoking???????????????????????

All I want to say is I don't feel like such an OUTSIDER...When I was a smoker, well, smoking helped me stay long as I smoked, that's where I wanted to be...outside...on the fringe...

But now?  I don't mind being "a part of", I still love my solitude..but when I'm alone, I don't sit there and smoke, and think about OTHERS, and how they "did me wrong"...I just come home, be glad for being able to get home and be safe, and have food to eat, and things to do...ok, I'm rambling...


NOT angry, resentful, bitter, or afraid..

Life can be a miracle...that's all from me