Blog Post created by Bonnie on Nov 3, 2018

I finally got a decent night's sleep after 11 days of 3-5 hours a night. The sleep aid my neighbor recommended worked and I also put on my sleep mask and earplugs (thanks Giulia for the reminder) and wore them for most of the night. YAY!  I now have my toolkit for the time change hocus pocus that happens tonight..


It's all good...HOWEVER, as I was waking up, still in bed, hadn't even looked at the clock yet, THE THOUGHT OF A CANCER STICK FLITTED THROUGH MY MIND....HUH?


Can't remember the last time a thought of a morning cig crossed my mind...not for months. It really surprised me, lasted probably ONE SECOND and was gone, but there it was...a nicotine receptor in my brain flashing its little, weak signal, saying "feed me."


I'd like to think that because I didn't feed that nasty evil little thing that it is dead. But that thought sure came out of left field and surprised me. Addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful.


Ever vigilant, 


301 DOF