Blog Post created by Bonnie on Nov 2, 2018 I know when the day counter changes here on least for me or those on Daylight Savings Time..hope they get rid of the silly thing next an HSP (highly sensitive person) the change in time really 4hroughs me off...and with the huge eremely b3igbt full moon that woke me up each night it sank below my roofline and glowes into my room right onto my bed, and the craziness at work and the chang3s in my family, I hqven't had more than 4 hours sleep a night for over a week...madness...started back on Buspar-my anti-anxiety drug of choice as it is non-addictive a few days ago...otherwise I'm so hypervigilant it affects my driving...pure madness.And work is so crazy stressful it would be impoosible to perform my job.


Of course in the old days I'd be blowing this quit for sure, but I'm exercising good self-care: eating well, staying away from the carbs, taking my vitamins, using lots of lavender lotion and oil (aromatherapy really works for an HSP) and amazingly I,m doing quite well and don't feel THAT strung out.Maybe 'cause in my former life I'd be smokig a bu