two hundred days

Blog Post created by Bonnie on Jul 26, 2018

using the onscreen keyboard is painfully slow but since i  HAVE MORE PATIENCE these days i wanted to document my progress on this wonderful journey.

~Over 2000 sickorettes not smoked

~$1000 saved

~i weigh the same today as i did on Day 1.

~no longer need anti-anxiety med (certainly did need it while learning my new job).

~work in a fast-paced, highly fluid, physically-demanding environment and am doing ok. i enjoy my team and am accepted and liked by coworkers  and management. l feel good when i leave work. Don't need that "stress-

relieving ' smoke. Amazing I'm doing a job i never thought  i could  do---at 69 yrs old!

~i like myself more. Not in the rather arrogant (actually self-defensive) way of my closet-smoking days, but more a quiet self-assurance borne from  self-respect. Feels good!

~Greater tolerance/Less judgement of others and self. Less social anxiety, more acceptance. Less frustration, more perseverance.

~Depression replaced by gratitude and hope.


I've been working on my spiritual life as well as my quit...they seem to go hand-in-hand at least for me....both are lifelong endeavors....


Well it's taken me a half-hour to write this and i must move on.....

thank you from the bottom of my heart.....couldn't have done it

without you! XOXOXOXOXOXO