Blog Post created by Bonnie on May 23, 2018

So...I missed the bonfire this past weekend but still wanted to find out how many cigarettes I could have thrown in the fire. I tried to find the link that ShawnP so kindly posted to figure that out, but I couldn't find it. 

Went back to the Quit Counter I put on my laptop desktop and opened it up...OKAY! 


Today I have 137 days and smoked 10 cigs a day back in "the old days"...

Gee, I needed an app to figure out how many cigarettes I haven't smoked????????????


I don't think I'll ever need anything but my own brain to figure that out.....

I learned how to multiply by 10 a long, long time ago




Maybe this old brain of mine IS on the mend! 


Have a great SMOKEFREE day, my friends!