For the Record...

Blog Post created by Bonnie on May 17, 2018

I will never smoke again because of those horrible wrinkles around my mouth (there were a couple posts recently about "what would you give up"?).  Well, I took a good look in the sunlight in my car vanity mirror before I went into work this morning to make sure I didn't have anything socially unacceptable (you know, lipstick on the teeth, booger in the nose, etc.)  And THERE THEY WERE (the lighting in my bathroom is poor so I can pretend I'm 20 years younger )


I'd love to "give them up", but they're here to stay and they are ugly and the only reason I have the deep ones is all the times I sucked on a cigarette....Don't mind the laugh lines around my eyes, but the wrinkles around my lips belie my history...N.O.P.E.  Vanity alone will keep me away from the cancer sticks...LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!