107 Days...

Blog Post created by Bonnie on Apr 23, 2018

We come to this site for knowledge and support in our daunting quest to relieve ourselves of a nicotine addiction, at least that's why I come here. And I'm so grateful for this site...and....for the basic fact that I can afford having internet at home...and that I have a home.  The homeless woman on the street doesn't have this luxury...and so...she scrambles through the butts to look for a long one, because she wants SOME RELIEF...and, right now, I want some RELIEF from my emotional pain...that's all it is, and because I haven't smoked for ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN DAYS (sorry, gotta toot my own horn here) I'm dealing with a LOT OF STUFF...REALLY OLD stuff, current stuff, is my nature FUTURE STUFF...which in the past would ALL give me a REASON (e.g. EXCUSE) to SMOKE...Instead, I logged on here, checked my days, and NO I WILL NOT SMOKE TODAY...NUFF SAID...I will process my STUFF and move on...and wake up tomorrow morning with ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT DAYS...and other ways of coping with my pain, fear, loss, insecurity, anger, frustration...thanks for being long as I can afford the internet I will be here ♥