Seventy-six Days

Blog Post created by Bonnie on Mar 24, 2018

And every day of the 3rd month has been a challenge...not in the way that the first days were...more that I'm biting off larger chunks of life WITHOUT NICOTINE and getting through them.  Applying for work at almost 69 years of age started off the third month...amazingly blessed after only two weeks to land a job as a part-time Bookseller at Barnes and Noble...quite a minor miracle, if you ask me.  Easy interview, nice environment, tons of BOOKS and nice people to talk to...learning the cash register--yes, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.  Went through it all without my working woman crutch--NICOTINE--and made it through with flying colors.  Actually felt CALMER and MORE CONFIDENT during the look-for-work process....LESS ANXIOUS during training than if I had been smoking...I could tell, really, that this was true.  Even though a nagging "something's missing" throughout the past two weeks, but no way was I going to was just irritating in a way, but a not-so-small consolation that I could get through life's stressors IN BETTER SHAPE WITHOUT NICOTINE...a little treasure chest to find in No Man's Land, let me tell you...