Two Weeks

Blog Post created by Bonnie on Jan 20, 2018

Two weeks wasn't that hard physically this tingling feet at night, not constipated...but the lethary is incredible.  Just feel completely "duh" least I'm sleeping well...too well, probably...Oh well...have only gained a couple of pounds and plan on keeping it that way....have accomplished "stuff" during this time so I'm not a complete basketcase...going to up the coffee intake tomorrow so I can not completely zombie-out in the afternoon...I need to start looking for work next week, too...sigh...not easy at my age, but it can't be avoided...onward and upward...I've fought some cravings but telling myself that smoking just isn't an option...I've got about 20 years left on this earth if I'm lucky and I don't want to spend them smoking...Aloha, y'all...had to stay away from here at the beginning...reading about quitting smoking at the beginning of a quit just triggers me...think I'm ok with it now, and God knows I could use some support...very "to myself" in my life these days, which is why cigs seemed like a companion...what a lie!!!