How I came to quit

Blog Post created by Blueflame on Nov 16, 2019

I’ve been a vaper for the past 5 years or so. Today i went to buy juice and the store was almost out. They explained our county was trying to prevent the sales of flavored e-liquid and pens. I was mad. Obviously vaping has helped many quit smoking cigarettes. I’m an adult I can choose what goes in my body. So i went online to read the initiative proposed so I could fight it. Instead for the first time I actually read about the symptoms and deaths that have happened as of late. Being in ICU on mechanical ventilators isn’t my idea of a great death. It’s one of ways worst deaths i can’t imagine. How upset my son would be, the painful breathing, fear that every breath could be my last, not being able to talk easily to my loved ones, no way. I told my husband we have to quit. We already show signs of wheezing and labored breathing. Why ensure this painful death, cause I don’t want to discipline my life and live through some discomfort? That’s pathetic. So today i start my 7 day countdown to complete vape free life. I’m eating Skittles slowly and breathing deep. Which has got me through the past hour and a half, which is unfortunately a long time for me to be detached from my vaper. I’ve had it as an extension of my hand for too long. It became my breathing apparatus. I want a long healthy life with my family.