I Started Sweating Again. Why It Matters

Blog Post created by Bellegonia on Oct 11, 2019

One year ago my husband and I started a gym membership and we started high intensity training at Orange Theory Fitness (OTF). I had quit in August and had my 56 birthday in September. I was feeling old and fat and knew I was going to die an earlier death unless I started doing something. I just didn't know what. My niece had gone to OTF and loved it. She also lost over 100 lbs. Crazy.

So I am here to testify. Down 40 lbs in spite of quitting smoking. I feel great. I even started jogging recently on the treadmill instead of power walking and actually sweating. No, for real. I had been unable to "sweat" even if I got my heart rate up... a product of a stagnant liver coupled with smoking for 45 plus years.

You may no realize this but there are only 2 ways your body actually detoxifies. One is through your skin and the other is through your breath. Yes, that's right. Through your lungs. That's why starting to sweat is a real sign that my body is healing! I am able to move things out through my skin now! But it's also important to know that every day you remain NOPE is one more day closer to living rather than dying. JUST MOVING every day, getting out of the chair, off your butt makes a difference.

I bought a Cellerciser and I would recommend it to anyone. Google it. Look into the benefits and realize that compared to doing nothing, you are investing in YOU, your HEALTH, your LIFE.



I do OTF 2 times a week. I cellercise on the days I don't do the gym. Or I go for a walk. I move.  And I feel so much better! If you are struggling with anxiety or depression over your quit I highly recommend developing a strategy to move that might lift you up. You don't even need to sweat! You just need to BREATHE!