I had to count my DOF's today, but not because of why you think

Blog Post created by Bellegonia on Sep 28, 2018

Yes, I had to look at a calendar and count my days of freedom (DOF) today. It's only been August 27th - September 28 but I had to do the count. Why? Because I sooooooooooooooooooo wanted a cancer stick for just a flash.

N.O.P.E  Screw you, not gonna get me, have me, go *f* yourself. Count...

All good. Phew.

It came as quick as it went.

I know it's different for everyone but it's really not... we are all addicts. My desire for a smoke isn't any less a desire than yours. I acknowledge I'll be doing this for years to come if that's what it takes, I'm OK with it:


Rob me of my breath

Rob me of my life

Make me smell

Take away my muscle tone

Wrinkle my mouth

Dry out my hair and nails

Stink up my car

Rob me of kisses and hugs

Make me suicidal



I'll take what I can get now that the veil is lifted.

Thank you, God, for allowing me to see what my blessings truly are.


Cigarette, Go *F* Yourself.