The insignificant me

Blog Post created by Bekica on Aug 27, 2018

How life passes by, me smoking or not smoking...

how insignificant and trivial to the overwhelming, big, great world out there are my thoughts, my actions and my puffs. How little control one seems to have over everything that takes place around you! The political situations, the wars, the hunger, the stray dogs....the poverty that so many people struggle with...

When did you decide to take control over your life and over your actions through smoking...that to me seems to be the question that needs to be made. Is this the only way you mark yourself important can cause the harm and the destruction to yourself as that way you can prove just how powerful and important you are.

Come to terms with giving up, raise your hands and admit that you will never be as important as you once thought you will, as you once promised yourself you would the same time peace out and give up trying to kill yourself . It's fine not to grow to the heights you once are scared of heights anyway!