Blog Post created by Beck37 on Dec 30, 2018

Day 6.... and I am really doing okay for the most part with not smoking. It’s the whole anxiety thing that is getting to me.  My heart is still beating 100 miles per minute. Tomorrow everything changes for me in my quit journey.  As I mentioned before I have been spending the holiday with my mom in Arizona and tomorrow I go back home and back to my reality. I planned my quit over this period on purpose. Not only was quitting the best gift I could ever give my mom but the support I would get from her was something I needed. Plus I wanted to get the whole withdrawal thing over with as I knew with my reality that it would be easier. 


Leaving my vacation/mom cocoon is scary. I feel “safe” here. My reality is I live alone with my 2 dogs/fur babies and work a lot of hours at an extremely stressful customer service job. At this point I am not worried about smoking cause I am not going to let myself down.  But LIFE is tough and people are mean and I need to figure out a whole new way of coping with this.  


I just need to get a grip on this pounding in my head.... I know it’s anxiety and I know I will survive it. I’m taking deep breaths....  I know it will pass