15 days

Blog Post created by BeKind on Jun 14, 2018

15 Days today! I made it through heck week and I now understand why it’s called that. 


I am doing pretty good overall in my quit. I still have my habitual patterns that sneak up on me sometimes, like automatically thinking a cigarette is in order since I just finished dinner. I mentioned in another post that I still go outside when I have an urge. I am continuing that, since I love being outside, especially this time of year. Just being outdoors helps me feel calm and centered.


My lungs aren’t hurting anymore either, which I’m very grateful for. Throughout the day, I do deep breathing exercises – I feel this helps both mentally and physically. I’m also not coughing up phlegm, which I expected to be doing for a while, so this is good I think...


Much gratitude to quitting + awareness, and beginning the healing journey.