The Big Light's On

Blog Post created by Bdwallhau on Apr 21, 2018

I know a kind, older gentleman named Bill Farmer. But, since he's a farmer, everyone calls him Farmer Bill. And anytime the sun is shining bright, Farmer Bill says, "The big light's on!" That's how he gives the weather report.  


So, today, after several cold, wet, dreary days, the big light was on. So, I took my nephew and my daughter, and we hit the trails. Two hikes. One was about 1.3 miles, but ALL uphill to get to this wonderful overlook. The other was just about a mile, mostly uphill, to reach a waterfall. We were out and about for 6 hours, all told. Stopped at a natural spring in between the two hikes to fill our water bottles. Just sharing pictures of a truly stunning day!


The three of us at the lookout. Blue skies!


My eldest. My baby girl. Flying the coop in August for college!


Beautiful wild phlox everywhere.

My girl and my nephew. My sister has health issues that prevent her from doing much physical activity, and she's a single parent. So, he hangs with us to get in his outdoor adventure time.

Hike #2. Tall trees and big rocks.

Finally reached the waterfall and played on the rocks below.


We were treated to red and yellow trillium in bloom all along the 2nd trail!


A picture of me lagging behind a bit, sucking wind, but NOT dying or coughing up a lung  

This. She said, "This is my spot. This has been my spot since freshman year when I hike with friends." And then I sat down next to her in her spot, and surprised myself, and her, by bursting into tears! Told her I was going to miss her, that I'm incredibly proud of her, and that I was crying because I'm happy. I will miss this girl!


What a wonderful day. My lungs did better than my calves!  Happy Saturday, everyone---Dawn.