Life Can Change in a Heartbeat

Blog Post created by Bdwallhau on Apr 19, 2018

When you hear someone say, "life can change in a heartbeat," don't you usually think of really horrible things? A terrible diagnosis. A death. An ugly, painful divorce. Some other calamitous event that feels out of our control.


But why? Why do we associate that phrase--that idea that life can change very quickly--with negative events?


I made the decision to quit smoking in a heartbeat, and it was HUGE. It also steamrolled into other huge changes.


In one heartbeat, I quit smoking, eating fast food, drinking coffee, and drinking all sweet drinks.


In one heartbeat, everything about nearly all of my daily routines for over 25 years completely changed.


And it has been wonderful. Hard at times, but unquestionably good and wonderful.


Life can change in a heartbeat, and isn't that fabulous? That you can do that? That you can change your WHOLE life in a heartbeat? That's radically, superbly, supremely incredible.


And it's entirely in our control. Awesome.