Day One, Part 2

Blog Post created by Bdwallhau on Feb 27, 2018

Still going strong, but the second half of the day has been harder than the first. I was hit with a wave of something around 3:30. Maybe it was just an intense craving. At any rate, it ended badly. No, I didn't smoke, but I engaged in an Easter candy feeding frenzy that left me about as breathless. Almond Joy Eggs. Holy cannoli, those things should be illegal or, at least, highly regulated.


In spite of the Almond-Joy-egg attack, work went far more smoothly than I ever would have expected.


Came home. Home is harder than work, I think. Home is where I'm used to taking my stress outside to the garage for a 15-minute, nicotine break. (I never took smoke breaks at work.) Came through it okay. Cooked. Managed to get all four of us to the table for dinner. Took a nice, long bath accompanied by Bach Trios played very loudly (Yo Yo Ma's new album. Beautiful and relaxing!). Did 15 minutes of Pilates / stretching. Took the dogs for a 30-minute walk. 


About 20 minutes into that walk, an image came out of nowhere and took me by surprise. Just an image of me heading into the garage after the walk and lighting up. It felt good, and it made me look forward to that moment. I'd always do that after a good walk. I said what I've been saying to myself on and off all day---you're good. you've got this.---and kept walking. Shook it off.


That brings me to this moment, where I get to end my day with Ex and all of you. After typing, I'll do a 10-minute meditation, then lie down and read until I pass out. And then Day One will truly be Day Won.


Thanks for all the ways you guys were a shot in the arm today. Those EX texts? Incredible. They were such a boost today. Your responses to my posts were uplifting, positive, encouraging, and kept me grounded in my goals. I can't wait to return the favor.


Now onto day two.