Tuesday Prep: De-Stressing in Advance

Blog Post created by Bdwallhau on Feb 25, 2018

JACKIE1-25-15, you included a link in your response to my last blog. It was an article on dealing with stress. So helpful! Even before I read it, I'd sort of intuitively planned to limit stress this coming week, with Tuesday being my quit day.


When I planned meals and a shopping list Saturday morning, I decided to make it an easy-meals week for my family. I really enjoy cooking healthy meals with minimally processed foods, but it does take time. With two teens, I'm usually pretty rushed to get home from work, get the meal going, and get it on the table so the four of us can eat together before the kids head off to various things. Not this week. This week's meals include ingredients like frozen meatballs, frozen veggie burgers, and a very quick and dirty, fake, fettuccine-ish thing with frozen salmon. 


So, I'm reading through the article to find other ways to de-stress my week in advance.


elvan's response included a green-tea-in-the-morning tip. I did order a new tea for myself to try this week. Coffee is such a trigger for me. As far as I'm concerned, coffee and smokes go together like eggs and ham. They just work. So, switching is a must. It's a honey-lemon-ginseng white tea. Caffeinated, which is important. Sounds zingy to me, and I'll need a little zing Tuesday morning. Ellen, I've looked at all the links you shared in your response, too. I've read most of them, and am saving some for this coming week. Thanks so much.


Today I'm making the side dishes we'll have with our processed, frozen foods this week. I really want to be able to be calm and not so rushed this week, so I'm doing as much in advance as I can. 


Another thing I'm considering is having my car detailed one day this week. That just seems like a nice way to make a fresh--literally--start.


Saturday's shopping list included an enormous bag of honey-lemon cough drops, 4mg nicotine lozenges, peppermints, and straws I can smoke in the car. Traveling while at work is another major trigger for me. If I have to pretend-smoke to get past the first week or so, then that's what I'm doing. I'll even crack the window. It will, however, be so much easier to sing along with my music (loud and badly) if I'm not actually inhaling-exhaling.


Thanks so much for all the support, encouragement, and resources. You're the best, all of you.