When the spotlight fades

Blog Post created by Baychaser on Apr 4, 2018

Day 44. 

The fans have all gone home. The cameras are off. You're old news. You are no longer on the tips of their toungs, rather in the back of their mind. The thrill of writing a new book is fading as the realization of all the hard work is yet to come. The expectations you have planted in everyones mind of yourself starts to weigh in. 

The constant cravings have not dwindled. If they have not yet,  will they ever? Are you strong enough to overcome them even if they do not subside? Are you comfortable being uncomfortable? 

This is when we all need to dig deep. Push harder than we ever have. The only eyes watching are your own. You will know. You will always know. You will either regret today, or be absolutely proud you faced your demon and are the one still standing. This is a war. You were not drafted. You enlisted. You will always be a warrior. Keep training, keep fighting the good fight. Spotlight or no spotlight, go do what you do. Go beat the cravings. Go shine