Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Blog Post created by Baychaser on Mar 1, 2018

  The simple 4 word quote "get comfortable being uncomfortable" was my wake-up call. It was speaking to me. It is what lit my fire and keeps it lit. No longer do I have the excuse to be afraid. 

  I have been "trying" to quit smoking for years. I have been lying to myself for just as long. My mind was not as powerful as my words sounded. I talked a good talk. I "thought" i was ready. 

  You have to believe in yourself like you believe that the sun will shine. Like water will quench your thirst. The mind is the powerhouse. The problem with that is nicotine has snuck in and rewired your powerhouse. You need to, without a doubt in your mind, know you are stronger than the cravings. You must take control of your mind again. Do not listen the b*tch ass voices in your head telling you to "wait, quit some other time. It'll be easier of you had less on your plate. Today just isn't my day...ect".

  There is no better time than right now to take back your life. There is no tomorrow! Starting right now you will look fear in the eyes and be calm. This moment is perfect for you to get comfortable being uncomfortable. 

  The battle is real. The war will not be won with a single battle. But the war can only be won by winning one battle at a time. There is no special ingredient to make you quit. There is only the truth. The truth is what you need most. Be honest with yourself. Know that the fight is real. Know that it is harder than you thought it'd be. Know that you are ready for the unexpected challenges that lay ahead.

I hope you can take it one step at a time.

Each craving you don't smoke is a win. Get good, no, get great at winning. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.  

Just remember... this too shall pass.