A New Year Is Upon Us

Blog Post created by BarryNPenn on Dec 31, 2018

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone!


For the New Year’s good fortune, a plate of black-eyed peas or other beans is considered auspicious, auguring wealth and prosperity. In the American South, they are traditionally eaten on the first day of the year. Adding cooked greens (the color of money) is said to make them even luckier. Simmered with onion and a meaty ham bone (other options are salt pork, bacon, pig’s feet, hog jowl and ham hock), black-eyed peas are often seasoned quite simply, with just salt and pepper. They may also be made highly seasoned with hot pepper and spices. Freshly baked cornbread is the perfect accompaniment. Black-eyed peas served over steamed rice is called Hoppin’ John. #ItsASouthernThing


What are some of YOUR New Years traditions?