I'm So Excited

Blog Post created by Barbscloud on Aug 29, 2020

I just scheduled a trip to Deep Creek Maryland in October.  My husband, the dogs,and myself used to go three times a year.  After he passed away, I continued to go with my brother for awhile and then I started going by myself.  With my dog of course.  It was heaven.  I haven't been for several years.   Circumstances kept coming up when I thought I would go--especially in the Fall.  I planned a trip and my mother died that month and then I thought I go last year and decided I didn't want to leave my Pee Wee during with the little time he had left.

When we started going there, we stayed at several places and ultimately found this cottage (lots of mansions there, not my thing) with a huge lake front. To my disappointment and surprise , it was sold a few years ago.  I'm sure it was torn down and replaced with a huge house.   I will make a point to drive by. 

So, I had to find a new place to rent.  Just like when you look at real estate pictures, things don't always look the same.  Usually off season, it's pretty quiet.  But, I've seen on the news it's an especially big destination this year for the D.C. folks with the pandemic.  

Some of my husband's and two chocolate labs' ashes are there, so I have felt the need to get Cloud there also since she took many trips with me to the lake.  Unfortunately, it will be a different location, but I might be able to sneak down to lake nearby the old cottage.  This will be Charlie's first trip.   

Not smoking will be a challenge.   I did a lot of smoking there over the years while sitting endlessly on the deck and the dock.  

Since I've missed these trips so much and with the pandemic , it is just so exciting having something planned to look forward to.