Two Year Anniversary

Blog Post created by Barbscloud on Mar 13, 2020

 Indulge me.  Even though my two-year anniversary was celebrated early last week, I‘m going to celebrate again on my actual quit date.    I don’t know that I ever believed this would happen for me.  I tried to quit numerous times over the years, but now I know I wasn’t truly serious about quitting.  I picked a date, an aid (I’ve tried them all) and told myself I was quitting smoking. But I didn’t understand nicotine addiction or the process to achieve a successful quit.   One of my doctors did motivate me to try again.  He prescribed the Welbutrin, nicotrol inhalers and a smoking cessation class at his hospital.  I was lucky enough to have found the Ex prior to my quit date.   I received daily texts that I looked forward to each day.  I learned about nicotine addiction and created a plan.   Although not endorsed by many, I reduced the number of cigarettes each day for a week on a very strict schedule.  One every hour, two hours, three hours, and so on until day seven.  And, I focused on each and every cigarette and enjoyed it.  As a smoker, my mind would wander and I didn’t even remember smoking, so I smoked another one.   I didn’t allow that to happen for that week. 


The support from this community has made such a difference.  Especially early in my quit, I reached out several times and was talked off the cliff.  I appreciate that support from those who continue to be here and from those who helped me that aren’t around much anymore.    Several of those people just celebrated their two years also.  That’s a good feeling knowing that we made it.


Hopefully I’ve helped some other quitters by continuing to give support.   I know spending time here giving back has been a major factor in my achieving  two years of freedom.


And to Colleen, sweetplt   thanks for my celebration last week.


My Appreciation Fellow EXers