Weight Gain Again (and other stuff)

Blog Post created by Barbscloud on Apr 18, 2019

Trying to find the right words.  The weight issue is real for some people.  Not just an excuse.  When your weight has been an issue your whole life, there are other issues involved about self image/worth.   It's not a good thing, but  a reality some of us.   The only thing that could have brought me back to smoking these  past several month was the weight gain. It's been real emotional for me not to smoke because of it.   I feel at times it's not taken seriously enough by other quitters and at times judgmental.  I quit discussing it because I felt like they're was something wrong with me--I'm a pig and I need to exercise more!  I was embarrassed to even talk about it.  I've had a weight issue my entire life.  I lost 100 lbs once.  So gaining 10 lbs, 20 lb., etc. has a negative effect on my mental state.  Did I gain some weight because I ate more and my metabolism slowed down.  I'm sure that's true-I have a weight problem.  But no matter what, I just kept gaining.  Maintaining my weight my entire life has been a a struggle.  Do I eat perfectly all the time.  Hell no, I have  a weight problem.  Do I exercise.  Yes, I have for years, but I'm not an Olympic athlete.  There are day, when I'm hurting, but still push myself to walk, do physical labor, etc. Did that keep me from gaining a lot of weight during my quit.  NO.  As my recent posts have stated, I finally contacted my doctor and said something is wrong.  I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which may have a linked to quitting smoking.   What all this babbling is about, is sometimes on this site, I don't think we take new quitters concerns/ issue seriously enough.  For some gaining weight can be traumatic, even considering the consequences of still smoking.  They're living in their reality right now.  Or maybe there is some other issue, depression, loneliness,etc. that really is not about quitting smoking but they're trying to do the right thing.  Whatever the case may be, we need to put ourselves in someone else's shoes and take their concerns seriously.  We're not perfect people.  If we were, we wouldn't be nicotine addicts.