Playing an Active Role in (Their) Healthcare

Blog Post created by Barbscloud on Mar 2, 2019

Just ran my Pee Wee (cat)  to the vet again this morning.  He is such a sweetheart.  He's 19 1/2 years old , has early stage renal failure and high blood pressure.  He had diarrhea this morning so I called.  Of course he needed some fluids.  I'm there about every two weeks or so.  But he seems to be feeling ok.  Gave me an antibiotic and some special digestive food (instead of kidney food).  He just ate some of that.  Those that have read my posts in the passed, I thought I was putting him down the first week in January, but instead put Cloud down.  They "thought" he had a cancerous tumor on his head.  That was a misdiagnosis, but I'm not complaining.  I still believe it had something to do with his sinuses and have him on an antihistamine for that (was sneezing).   I've seen every vet there since my visits lately have been unexpected and I'm so appreciative that they squeeze me in.  I've gotten to know the techs and clerical stall pretty well.  I showed them the  picture of Charlie and they were so excited for me. 


It's that same as playing in active role in our own healthcare..  Sometimes it's something obvious, other times you just know something isn't right.  I prefer to play it safe and take him in to check it out.