"Time for a Refill"

Blog Post created by Barbscloud on Sep 8, 2018

Along with the 2nd cup of coffee this morning, I needed an inspirational refill.  Had my first dream related to smoking.  I didn't dream that I smoked, but I was telling someone that I quit just a few days ago.  I do believe this is related to feelings I've had the past couple of days.  I have thought about smoking a few times for no good reason.   For example, when I arrived home I thought about smoking when I pulled into the driveway.  I didn't smoke in my car for years, so I would have normally smoked when I got home.  My first reaction is "where did that come from".   When you're stressed, sad, etc., you expect those cravings, so maybe your more prepared for them.  When they come out of nowhere, your defenses are down.  


I does "scare" me reading posts from folks that quit a long time ago and still think about smoking.  How awful addictions are--once an addict, always an addict.