No More EXcuses

Blog Post created by Barbscloud on Jul 4, 2018

Anytime there is a discussion about doing some activity without smoking, I say I'm having a difficult time sitting on my deck.  I associate that with listening to music, having a beer, chilling, and of course smoking.  I've managed to sit there for a about 1/2 hr twice.  Then it got so darn hot, I had no desire to sit out there in the heat.   This is my latest EXcuse.  A robin decided to build a nest in my flower pot and laid four eggs.  What a dumb spot.  So she's sitting out there with the sun beating on her and then it was supposed to storm.  So I move the pot and attached an umbrella to the railing so that she, and ultimately  her four hatchlings would be sheltered.   All of this time, you couldn't go out and sit on the deck because the mother would leave.  The jerky boyfriend kept asking it the bird's were gone yet.  Guess they were cramping his style.  Well, my babies all flew away yesterday.   I really enjoyed watching the whole process.   Still going to be too hot later today, but I'm venturing out this morning for short periods.   Saturday I have folks coming for a picnic, so that will be the real test.    Happy 4th of July.


PS I do have my bubbles ready!