In A Real Funk

Blog Post created by Barbscloud on May 30, 2018

Lots of activity here this morning.  I an usually excited to give my support to others, but I'm in a funk myself and reading other's blogs just now made me feel funkier.  There is nothing tragic going on in my life (thank goodness), but just got in such a mood yesterday afternoon. Had a good morning at a doctors visit who was so excited for me for my quit.  I had someone at the house for an estimate on some construction and after he left, I don't know, I just felt overwhelmed which led to feeling sad.  Before I knew it, I wanted to smoke so bad, which led to crying because of the struggle going on in my head.  That feeling of I just don't care anymore is really hard to fight.  Went for my walk this morning and thought about smoking the entire time.  I'm teary eyed as a write this and still feeling out of control with my quit.  Don't know why.