My 30 days of not smoking.

Blog Post created by BarbieGene on Aug 15, 2019

Well -  I made it to 30 days!  Who would of ever thought?  Not ME !


I have been depressed.

I have been so tired I thought I had something wrong with me

I am pretty sure I have gained like 5 or 10 lbs that I did not need.

I also have been crabby! 

I have not had any coffee in the morning since I don't smoke.  I also did not drink any alcohol.   That would have made me smoke!   My body has not been treated this good in a long time. LOL!   I will try my morning coffee sometime when I think it wont bother me. 


I also notice that I do not use my Vaseline for my lips as much as I use to.  I always thought that it was a habit I had, but now I think it was from smoking.  It was making my lips dry.  I also think my complexion is looking better.  At least I hope!

I also notice that my mouth is not as dry as it was when I was smoking.  And in the mornings my mouth does not feel like bad.  I have no word to explain that. 

I  love the part that I do not have to go the store just to get cigs!  I hated that!  And how I would start getting nervous cause I was going to run out!  And I am not spending money on cigarettes.  

Plus my vehicles smell so much better!   Mostly when it so hot and you open the door and smell that awful smell when you smoked.  YUCK! 

I also seem calmer.  I am pretty hyper.  I don't know how to explain it, but I seem calmer.

And I sleep so much better at night.  I can sleep like I am a teenager all over again.  Weird?

I do know that I tend to speak my mind more often than I use to.  I think I would have a cigarette instead of speaking my mind.  So Now I don't smoke - so I just Say it!  LOL!  

And no more trashy cigarette butts!  Hated them things!


I wanted to say something cause all you peeps helped me out more than you know. 

When I can I am on here reading.

Not much of a writer, I just wanted to say something that might help someone else. 

When I make to  60 days - I will try and Blog again.   

Thank you!