Blog Post created by Barbara145 on Jan 1, 2021

I was 14 when I started smoking.  I had multiple attempts at quitting until I was 66 years old. When I heard Dr Rozen say it was safe to use 2 forms of NRT my ears perked up. So I started stopping.  I then found this site (by God's grace) and the rest is history.  I realized that I needed the support from others who had been where I was.  It was really difficult for me and for most people to quit smoking.  The kindness and expertise of the many concerned x-smokers and for me 2 forms of nicotine was my answer.  Everyone has to figure out their own quit and their individual needs. I will be 74 in a couple of months.  I had respiratory failure  4 years ago from my allergy shots.  I was in ICU for 2 days.  I have COPD, Emphysema and a healthy heart and body.  I do yoga and most importantly I walk everyday no matter what. I also eat a healthy diet, lots of fruits and vegetables and lots of vitamins and supplements.  Truly, if I can quit, YOU CAN TOO. Oh the best part is the emotional healing that happens through not smoking. It is pretty wonderful.  Happy New year.   Love,             Barbara