Blog Post created by Barbara145 on Oct 11, 2017

I tried to quit smoking so many times over the years that I lost count. For me, before NRT's, I could not make it 24 hours. About 15 years ago I quit for 3 mos with the patch. I cried everyday the entire time.  I decided as much as I wanted to quit there was just no way for me.  I was listening to Dr.Radio one day and they were talking about using 2 forms of  NRT's.  It perked my interest.  It was something new.  The rest is history.  I smoked for 52 years and now have been quit for 4 awesome years.  I had no idea when I began how very wonderful not smoking would actually be.  Quitting smoking is a very individual journey.  Never give up on finding what works for you. The support of this lovely community was paramount in this process for me.  I don't think I could have quit without them.   I have more peace and joy than I ever did smoking.  If I can do it.  You can too.  Love,   Barbara