Needing Reasons to Live

Blog Post created by Barb102 on Jul 3, 2020

It’s not getting easier, the news isn’t better, the COVID numbers are climbing, your isolated to your home and the end is not in site.  I’m too old to say its going to be alright! under these circumstances. I’m not too old to be scared because I can still think and feel and see and hurt!!  Newbies sorry, but you you don’t know me.  Check my blogs you will find somewhat who I am.  I’m from the 60s. Yeah I remember, we were going to change the world. I still remember. I remember the BEST music that started, then continued. I remember that peace,love and rock & roll is still and always will be in my bones. I remember that WE were going to make a difference. Yes...

I still remember. What happened?  When did we stop caring about one an other?  When did we get so complacent?  When did the animals, birds, air, water and all else that we were given - stop mattering?  I’m so disheartened!  I’m so sad! I’m not sure I was meant for this kind of a world. I don’t even know who I am  anymore.   I’m just really sick, really scared and really useless. The only thing I do is make grab and go sandwiches for the the children an homeless. Big deal. I feel like if I wasn’t alive I would feed a tree at least   I might matter. Sorry this is for anyone feeling like me. For others maybe I need your help. For others I’m sorry I took up your time. 898 DOF. Big deal!