March Lion or Lamb

Blog Post created by Barb102 on Mar 1, 2019

Here in NJ March came in like a lion. Snow, wind and freezing temps. That’s good, now it can go out like a lamb!! Yes we will soon lose an hour of sleep.  But we will gain the beautiful sunlight!  You see we can always find the bright side, if we just look for it. 


Some thoughts on March-  March forward, don’t stop, don’t ever look back!


Always take that next step toward happiness, no matter how steep that step may appear. No matter what your circumstances, you can always find small joys in each and every day. All you have to do is look.


Just a few steps at a time and they start to add up. You have what it takes to accomplish your dreams. It’s all right inside of you. All you have to do is take a leap of faith with yourself. Believe in you, for a change and watch the magic inside of you grow.  You have so many small miracles waiting inside of you. Waiting for you.


March is the beginning of rebirth. All Gods creatures start to prepare for it. We are His most divine creation. Let’s prepare for it too. Let’s begin the rebirth inside of each of us. 


Enjoy today. Find reasons to look forward to tomorrow. Positive thinking will always yield positive results. Just remember that you have made even more progress, in your life, than you may realize. Yes you!  Your willingness to help others is such a gift. Now take some of that kindness and go easy on yourself. Be good to you. You deserve it. 


March foward believing in the rebirth, courage and love that lives in you! The strength and conviction that empowers you to accomplish anything that you truly want.   It’s there! So set it free!


Welcome March