Had an Accident Need Prayers

Blog Post created by Barb102 on Sep 6, 2018

Hi dear friends. On Monday I was going to get something from my basement. I only remember opening the door and turning on the lights. My husband found me on the cement floor   My face was covered in blood and I lay in a pool of blood. I don’t remember passing out or falling down a huge flight of stairs. We went to the hospital   I was kept over night due to my BP going from 170/90 to 182/83. I have a fractured nose and eye socket. One one is swollen shut  I have two black eyes my nose is demforded. My teeth are loose and my chin is completely purple. I look like a monster. I’m ashamed for anyone to look at me. I can’t wear sunglasses my nose is too swollen. I’m in terrible pain. My neck back and legs hurt too. Please pray for my recovery. I need help. It’s hard to see to type. I’m doing me best. Everyone was staring at me in the emergency room. I won’t smoke please don’t worry about that. I have appt and okay with an ENT. Trying to get an appointment with a cardiologist. Please keep me in your thoughts. I need the support. It hard to type or read but I’ll try. Thank you all for always being so kind to me