I Didn’t Like My Vacation

Blog Post created by Barb102 on Jun 11, 2018

I didn’t like my vacation to Florida.....I loved it!!  It was my first smokefree vacation. I was concerned about the memory smokes. But smoking rules have changing so much (Thank you Lord) that it was easier then I thought it would be. I don’t like to fly. Seriously, I dread it and can’t sleep the night before. But you can’t smoke in the terminal , heck you can’t even smoke in a bar or on the plane. I always thought it was nuts to have a smoking and non-smoking section on the plane , even though I smoked. It seemed crazy not to realize that it all blended together. I mean the row in front of me was smoke free!!!!!! Really?  I feel bad now for smoking on the plane and giving my second hand smoke to the other passengers , babies and children. I’m truly sorry that my smoking was damaging to others. 


I felt so free on this vacation.  I didn’t realize all the things I worried about and stressed over when I was a smoker. I worried if where we stayed allowed smoking outside. I worried if the rented car would smell , even though I kept the windows open (yes windows open in 95 degrees to smoke). I worried that we would have to pay the 250.00 clean up fee. Then there was the leaving the table for a smoke. People outside either giving dirty looks or saying “don’t you know smoking will kill you”. I did. Honestly I did , but I just didn’t care. Wow, now that’s a thought that terrifies me. It felt so great not to pollute the beautiful ocean air with my smoke. I’m sorry about that too. 


I found that as the moments and days went by , I was making wonderful smokefree memories. There wasn’t any guilt and nothing to be sorry for this time. It was t better when I smoked it was better now that I don’t.


I was trully free free of the monster , that once got the best of me , but no more. So you see I didn’t  like my vacation, I loved it and my new found freedom!


Please don’t worry about your first smokefree vacation because you are going to love it  


Barb 144. DOF