I’ve been tested

Blog Post created by Barb102 on Feb 23, 2018

I am happy and proud to say I’m 36 days into my quit. Now that should be enough to be proud about, but boy have I been tested.  My husband and best friend of 23 years had serious surgery. I really was so scared !  I prayed for his recovery and I prayed for strength not to smoke. NOPE. But after a 6 hour operation my nerves were shot. I told myself enough I have a right to stop this quit now and start again. I haven’t lasted this long. So I told myself I will wait just one hour and then that’s it. Well one hour turned into 9. When I saw my husband in recovery he said I love you please tell me you didn’t smoke. I told him I didn’t  He said great cause I need you and you are so strong. Yes I was tested but now I know I will never smoke again. It doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t calm you. I have have COPD and I want to live and I got this. Love to all I’m sure other days will come and I’ll be tested in NML. But I think this empowered me. Thank you all that have prayed for him