Prepping, planning, and pulling it together

Blog Post created by BaileysGirl on Jan 3, 2018

This morning is a rough one. My job is extremely stressful and today is unusually so. I have a list in front of me of what I need to do to be productive today but what I really need is a walk outside. Unfortunately, it is...maybe...a whopping 5 degrees out there.

10:00 or 10:30 is my usual smoke break where I "go for a ride" to get away from the stress and, of course, have a smoke. Today, I am holding off to my usual time but running healthy errands instead. There are no reminders in my car. No cigarettes, lighters, ashtray to fuel the desire.


I've read the few comments from this morning's post and feel the need to put this out there: I could really use a little encouragement from others for the progress I have made so far. In the past, with many things, from diets to whatever, an all-or-nothing attitude is what has done me in. So I slipped yesterday, or I wasn't prepared, or whatever. This is my journey. This is my blog. I hope you all can identify with the struggle and encourage me to persevere. It's hard enough to stay positive without being made to feel like a failure.