Day One Morning: I'm not doing that today

Blog Post created by BaileysGirl on Jan 2, 2018

Day one of my quit journey and I'm not sure how I feel. It was really helpful to read Allen Carr's book and recognize that  what I feel most often is a slight emptiness. I don't feel cranky or irritable at all; but, I do have to remind myself, "I don't do that anymore". 

I also recognize that, whenever I tell myself that I can't do something, I think about it more than ever. Like, when I gave up beef for years and all that I could think of was a juicy steak. Telling myself that I can never do something again results in feeling deprived, when I need to be thinking about what I'll be able to do instead. For that reason, I'm taking this a day at a time. My mantra today is "I'm not doing that today".  This means all kinds of little changes: I'm not going "for a drive" mid-morning, which is fine because I have a couple meetings; but, I will drive to the store around lunchtime and pick up some things to make the evening easier. I packed my lunch this morning so I wouldn't be tempted when I run out for lunch.

It's almost 9:00 a.m. which means I've already gone 12 hours. Feeling a little disoriented but also feeling motivated.

I can do this!!