Today is a good day

Blog Post created by Baby-J on Apr 11, 2019

Today is a good day so far. My dogs seem to be on the other side of this tummy bug they had since Sunday. I let one of the dogs out this morning and stood by the door for a good 5 minutes before thinking of a cigarette. Not only that, when the thought crossed my mind it was not a "oh I want one" it was a "oh I havent thought about a ciggarette yet today I must be getting better." 

I know better than to let my guard down because as the past few days have taught me anything it's these days that seem easy, when urges come out of nowhere and hit fast and furious. So wish me luck and send me strength because I'm going to fight I am going to make it through I'm almost at my two week mark. I've made it too far to stop now! Thank you all for listening and for your support