11 days

Blog Post created by Baby-J on Apr 8, 2019

Today is almost over and I am proud to say I am still smoke free. I had an urge after supper today, hit me out of nowhere and didnt think I would make it through. Unfortunately urges and cravings come along with ANTS (automatic negative thoughts). Thoughts like "you cant do this, you'll never stop having cravings, might as well give up now." I said "yes I can I know I will and I will never give up until I do." Which I found I believed this time around. Chantix has given me confidence for this precious quit of mine, and I'm starting to trust myself more and more each day.

I spoke with my grandmother when I got home and she confided in me that she bought a pack of smokes earlier today she told me she went to her neighbors house and bummed a smoke from her an unpleasant incident spurred this on. When we spoke this morning and she told me about the cigarette in the morning I supported and told her get back up and "dont turn a slip into a fall" and she said i wont and then speaking to her again tonight and finding out she bought a pack broke my heart. She has copd she HAS to stop. I told her gently she didnt need them she has gone two weeks without a single one. They will not help you feel better and gave her all the statements and things that have helped me these past few days I said throw them out. She told me she was figuring on keeping them upstairs she doesnt smoke up there and stairs are difficult for her to get up and down. I said why do you even need to keep them up there she said just in case I said no throw them out they are not a just in case or answer for your stresses, they are an addition to your problems. She said well it would be easier to get them out of the trash and I said not if you tear them up. She said many times I know you are right. So I dont know what else to do. I'm thinking of calling her again and talking with her some more. One of the things she was proud of was she went from needing four breathing treatments a day to needing none I was thinking I should remind her of that and how far she has already come. If anyone else has any more advice I could really use it. She started on chantix same time I did she quit about a week before me though I think she has gone about 2 weeks she quit the 23rd. Sorry for rambling thank you for listening.