Back in the Quit Game

Blog Post created by B-La on Feb 9, 2018

Hello All,

          so, my quit process has been reset to it's beginning once more. Yeah, I relapsed. However, I will not allow it to take me out indefinitely. I am back in the quit game...and I have every intention of wining . I am going to reapply all the tools I have been given. Keeping my (mind's) eye on the good path and ridding myself of all that stands in the Way is how it's done. I have successfully ended my alcohol drinking and other drug using careers in this manner, so I KNOW it can be done. Life is the ultimate game and I intend to live it as long as possible. This means staying true to my commitment of living without the use of unnecessary, harmful chemicals, which cigarettes are chock-full of. So, you'll be hearing from me again as you people and this site are have been an incredible help to me in the past. I have confidence that with your help, I can succeed in eliminating the need for tobacco...One Day at a Time.