Day #2

Blog Post created by B-La on Jan 15, 2018

So, I made it through yesterday smoke-free. There were some feelings of unease and I was a bit testy with others at times later in the day. Maybe like, 2 times where I felt a real urge to get 1 and smoke it, but that was pretty much the extent of my struggles. 


I have recommitted to another smoke-free Day, ToDay. Again, I will use every asset I can to assist me. I am confident that with all the supports that are in place, I can live another 24 hours without the use of tobacco. If I think beyond THIS Day, it will be too much for me. And, all I really get to work with is right Now!


I appreciate all the help this site offers, and especially those individuals who made heart-felt encouraging comments on my first blog post to assist me in my quit.


Thank you.