Still Nicotine-free After All These Years

Blog Post created by AutumnWoman on Oct 25, 2019

Just received an email from Mark saying that I had 4000  days without a cigarette.  I've long ago reached the point where I've made the complete shift to being a nonsmoker. I didn't escape unscathed -- I do have COPD.   But I've managed to improve my health significantly over the years.  Next month will be 11 years without nicotine.  I'm maintaining a 100-pound weight loss (yes, one does eventually stop eating after quitting!) My husband has also maintained his quit, just a month behind me.  I leave my blog up on this site in case any new people find it useful.  All I can say is quitting is one of the best decisions I ever made.  A few days' discomfort was definitely worth a new leaso in life.