Valentine Promise

Blog Post created by Augustus44 on Feb 19, 2021

Ok. It looks like Day # 6 is in the bag. It's snowing here in New Hampshire, but it's a light -hearted snow, easy to shovel. It's also very pretty outside. Between the snowfall, the shoveling, and the recognition that the world looks attractive tonight, I've managed to stay away from cigs for another day. The "nic fits," were about the same as yesterday, and I am really amazed at how quickly they suddenly appear--and out of nowhere. But I think I've isolated one very big "pull" on my resolve. The "nic fits" come at the conclusion of something--a phone call, a blog post, an activity, a trip to the store. 


Here I am thinking about my quit and wondering if I can make it, and those poor people in Texas are just inundated with cold, no water, and burst pipes. I'm telling you, I've got an easy row to hoe compared to them. I also have the suspicion that if that trauma happened to me, a feeling of hopelessness and desperation might lead me to light up at least 20 cigarettes, all at the same time, and puff on those evil things until I couldn't stand it anymore. I just wouldn't have the courage to soldier on. 


I'm hoping that tomorrow evening, I can report that I've reached a solid week. Please continue your support--It means the world to me.


Hope you are all well, safe, and warm.