A Valentine Promise

Blog Post created by Augustus44 on Feb 15, 2021

I'm nearly finished with Day #2. I drove by my usual stop--a gas station/quick mart where I reluctantly hand over $8.85 for a pack of butts. The minute I leave, I regret that I have bought them. When I get home though, I can hardly wait to go out on my back deck and smoke one--as I light up, I again regret what I am doing. A haze comes over me, and I know that periodically, I will be smoking until I go to sleep. In the morning, I will smoke a cigarette even before I have my cup of coffee. When I come inside from smoking, I am bent over, sort of hazy, and smelling like a cigarette. I always wonder whether i'm about to have a stroke. 


I had a number of triggers today. I kept riding them out. None of them lasted very long, but they were more frequent. I had a "check up" today with my doctor. Because I had quit yesterday, my blood pressure was 75/120 --perfect as far as I'm concerned. I'm looking toward tomorrow (day #3) and continuing the fight.


Thank you to everyone who wrote encouragement to me yesterday. There are some really fine people in Quit Land. I hope to have good news tomorrow night--in the midst of a sleet/ice storm that is predicted.


Blessings to all of you.