Blog Post created by Augustus44 on Mar 5, 2020

Actually, there is no cause to celebrate. I went passed my 100th day and didn't realize it. That being said, I've had a few little pangs  in the last few days. I've stopped myself and said, "Are you kidding me?" and let the nic fit pass. I'm just surprised that I had an urge to smoke at all. I wonder if it ever stops. 


I now understand what breaking an addiction is all about--it's tougher than hell. I played golf with a great guy from Toronto, while I was on a vacation in Hilton Head. He smoked systematically on every other hole--that's nine cigs per round. I used to do that as well. It was interesting to watch him the first time he went for a smoke. There was an immense silence, and he looked away, as he lit up. He even kept the smoke away from me, and took some big tokes, I'm sure, when I wasn't looking. I was tempted to say something, but I didn't. I remembered how I would have reacted if and when someone said something to me, so I let him smoke. The more familiar he and i got ( we played golf together for three days), the more he felt like he could smoke with impunity. He's about my age--75. I hope he sees the light before those damned cigarettes get to him. 


Another phenomenon: I can smell cigarette smoke anywhere, and I don't like the smell. I can even smell cigarette smoke when a car goes buy me if I'm walking, and where I live is still Winter, so the windows are up. Dear God, no wonder I used to wash my hands after a cig--it occurs to me that my breath probably smelled terrible as well. 


Anyway, 135 and counting.