Blog Post created by Augustus44 on Jan 30, 2020



Today, I am celebrating my 100th day of "chuckin' the cigs," COLD TURKEY. I'm writing to thank those of you who intervened to help me on New Year's Eve, when I came close to trying "just one." You advice and in some cases, admonishment, succeeded in stopping my "junkie" thoughts. One of you said, "If you smoke one now, you'll have to start all over again, and you don't want to do that do you?" Well, you and others who chimed in to help me kick the Junkie right in the backside, and out of my thoughts, are the reason I'm celebrating 100 days today. 


When I look at the numbers many of you have racked up, I just can't believe it. I am envious and so proud to be in your company at this moment. Every time I see someone smoking, I walk toward them and smell the smoke --it's starting to feel suffocating--that's a good sign don't you think?


Tomorrow, I am heading to South Carolina ( Hilton Head) to get out of the frozen North and play some golf, ride my bike on the beach, and eat out as much as possible. I've saved nearly $500.00, which I call "cigarette money" that I promised myself I would spend only on frivolity. However, golf will present another challenge. I used to smoke on the course ( one of the very few who did). I've got to make sure that I get over this hurdle. So no purchase of Cigs, which, by the way are very cheap in South Carolina--tobacco country. 


Wish me luck, send up a prayer, and hope that I'll be celebrating 130 days, when I return North. Again, thank you to all the wonderful people on this site, who are always there to help, when anyone gets "shaky"